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You can register for:
* The Friday Montessori tour (90 Euro) (limited places)
* Weekend attendance (350 Euro)
* The Saturday dinner (75 Euro) (limited places)

*The Friday Montessori tour and Saturday dinner (limited places) are optional events for which you must register separately.
*The Friday reception is included in your registration
*Lunches on Saturday and Sunday are included in your registration.

After filling in the information below, you will immediately receive a copy of the information submitted, irrespective of payment being made. Please note that your registration will only be completed once the payment is submitted, after which you will receive a payment confirmation. Please contact [email protected] in case of any questions.

Please select the country that you represent. You may select your country of origin or country of residence, whichever you feel is most relevant.
Please provide the name of the organisation you represent or work for.
If you are a member, please enter your AMI membership number. If you do not know your membership number, please fill in: ‘Unknown’.
Please indicate how you wish your name to appear on the badge. The badge has space for one first name and one family name.